A Registered Investment Advisor



Planning for multiple, simultaneous goals can have a paralyzing affect without a guide and a map.

Whether you need financing, want to increase your income, or want to invest more, Meixler Investment Management, Ltd can suggest effective measures to help you reach your financial goals.

Cash Flow

Raising deductibles, changing your tax withholding, refinancing, or adding equities to your portfolio, are all great tools for increasing cash flow in retirement.  Perhaps you need to downsize but don’t know where to begin. Meixler Investment Management, Ltd. does not focus solely on investment yield, but on the overall financial picture.

Tax Management

Investing & Estate Planning are the best ways to manage your tax bracket.  Although Meixler Investment Management, Ltd. is not a professional tax advisor, we can provide information that can save you and your tax professional time and money.

Income Needs

Many advisors are professionally trained to invest for yield or income.  Meixler Investment Management, Ltd. invests for both.  The discipline of creating profitable income portfolios without affecting your principal involves a great degree of skill and experience; especially in today’s market.

Protection of Principal

When the first objective is to keep your money safe, it is important to remember that one of the biggest risks is inflationary pressure and interest rate movement.  So often investors can feel safe in a fixed income portfolio but are exposed to interest rate risk, default risk, or liquidity risk.  Meixler Investment Management, Ltd. will help you understand these risks so that you can avoid them.


Much of our success as investors depends on our habits.  Meixler Investment Management, Ltd. is a partner in your retirement.  We have solutions to help you save automatically and there are strategies to reach the same goals with different, customized savings plans; such as one that increases with your income and age.