A Registered Investment Advisor



Meixler Investment Management has a clear-cut philosophy on how your money should be invested.   With thousands of securities to choose from, the market offers a wide variety of opportunities to index.   With so many opportunities to choose from, transparency is key.  Meixler Investment Management is your money manager, no indexing, no outsourcing and no overlap in fees.  Each security is chosen individually and specifically to fit each of our client’s personal needs.


The bond market is as dynamic and yield-producing as the stock market.  Meixler Investment Management carries significant fluency in this often misunderstood market.  With the right money manager, your potential yield can be fully explored on a risk-adjusted basis.

Mutual  Funds

There are thousands of funds in the financial industry.  Not all funds are particularly suitable for the current market cycle, nor can they perform consistently at all times.  While the cost of funds can be prohibitive, when a fund hits its stride, it can be a great supplement to your portfolio.  Meixler Investment Management can identify those rare opportunities where a fund and the market align.


Meixler Investment Management has spent 20 years specializing in energy partnerships.  Partnerships are often over-looked as an alternative to the stock market for risk-adjusted yield, however,  experience is crucial to successful partnership investment.


Stock picking may be a thing of the past with some advisors, but it still seems to be the preference of individual investors.  It is rare to find an advisor who has the confidence to avoid indexing or overlapping mutual funds to achieve diversification and return.  Meixler Investment Management adheres to a fundamental strategy of specializing in specific industries& sectors so you portfolio remains concise and focused. Much of your return as an investor relies on your level of engagement.  Meixler Investment Management believes it is far better to know your portfolio personally while feeling completely informed and involved.