A Registered Investment Advisor


Income Portfolio Management

Investors have different objectives, but the common need among us all is to put our money to work. Finding yield in this market while protecting PRINCIPAL takes skill & experience. Everyone has different parameters.  Whether you have a comfortable nest egg with tax-conscious needs or a portfolio that really needs to work hard, Meixler Investment Management has both the skill & experience to provide for your lifestyle while preserving your future.


Come in to see us for a free initial review to build your blueprint for action before and during retirement.  Each financial goal merits different types of accounts and plans.  Your blueprint might include a variety of time horizons and investment profiles for different parts of your savings.  Meixler Investment Management can quickly and accurately assess your needs and give you a prescription for financial success.


A financial plan is a living document.  It provides an initial framework but will change over time with you and the market.  If you have a plan in place, Meixler Investment Management will review it for you.  Be sure you are seeing and hearing from your advisor often so that your plan does not become stagnate or irrelevant.


Investors strive for quality of life.  Knowing your money is working for you is important, and just as important is the level of service you receive from your money manager.  Meixler Investment Management takes client service seriously.  The office is fully staffed with seasoned, trained professionals who are ready to answer your call and take care of all your administrative and cash management needs immediately.