A Registered Investment Advisor


Financial Planning

Investors are startled to learn that there is much more to retirement than investing.  Meixler Investment Management will help you navigate the overwhelming number of issues that will occur during your retirement. Medicare, Social Security, Long-term Care, Tax Management & Insurance can be just as important to your portfolio as lucrative investing.

College, Retirement

Saving for your children’s college does not have to be a difficult experience.  Highly flexible plans are available to match your needs with ease.  Starting early is the key.  College savings can be tax deferred and beneficiaries can be interchanged if one of your children opts out of college.  With some types of accounts, grandparents, aunts & uncles can participate in the tax-deferred college planning, as well.


For the middle-income investor, insurance is crucial in protecting your retirement savings. Meixler Investment Management will show you the benefits of the many policies available to you, such as Long-term Care Insurance, Medigap Plans, Buy-sell Agreements, Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts & more.

Estate Planning

Years of planning can be destroyed without an exhaustive study of all events that can affect your portfolio.  It is important to stay on top of IRS rules and changes and  Meixler Investment Management helps protect your savings by keeping you informed of the estate planning services available to you.

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